Waste disposal contractors

Arguments about unpaid bills often put a great strain on customer relationships and on the profits and reputation of your company. It is therefore vital to have a partner at your side who offers recovery solutions for outstanding receivables that are tailored to the demands of your industry. They safeguard your cash flow, give you greater visibility and let you concentrate on your core business.

For us, a new client relationship always starts with a detailed look at the industry. For you, this means that our lawyers and staff know the special requirements of your sector precisely and undergo regular training. What is the legal framework for waste disposal, for example, mandatory recycling or return obligations? What are the waste disposal strategies on the market? This knowledge enables us to communicate with the debtor about the specifics of the industry.

There are many reasons why customers do not pay. So we engage in a personal dialogue as early as possible. We listen to their problems and recover your receivables at the same time. Of course, you can expect our lawyers to treat your customers with tact and discretion.

We want your customers to see our involvement and our service as a solution to a problem. That is the standard we set ourselves and which you can rely on.

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