Value proposition

We are a specialised law firm for collection services by lawyers. Solutions especially tailored to our clients’ requirements enable us to collect receivables efficiently without recourse to the courts, but also to conduct litigation, insolvencies and enforcement proceedings successfully. The provision of concomitant legal advice forms an integral part of our service.

Outstanding advisory and sector skills

We deploy our specialised legal skills and years of experience to advise you. As acknowledged high-performance specialists, we also have extensive industry expertise. With us, you can call on lawyers who have understood the particular features of your sector, as well as the needs and requirements of your functional departments!

Respect for your customers

For us, collection services is always an integral part of overall risk and customer relationship management. So our priority is always to treat your customers with respect and thus to maintain the relationship. We structure our approach in individual cases according to the customer’s payment history and to the specific contractual peculiarities of the situation.

Our aim is always to settle matters out of court. In order to establish personal contact and build trust, we begin a telephone dialogue with the customer at the earliest possible stage. If an out-of-court solution is not possible, we as lawyers can draw on the full range of legal remedies to enforce our clients’ claims.

High-performance infrastructure

All process steps are supported for our clients by the KSP IT Centre. Programmers, developers, administrators and project managers respond quickly and flexibly to our clients’ different requirements. This particularly applies to the structuring of IT interfaces and the individual design of reports but also to the coordination of all other processes. Telephony is a vital part of receivables collection and is optimally supported by the latest technical resources.

Complete transparency

Transparency is very important for us. We document all our process steps as well as the entire work flow and provide the information in digital form. Our clients can use interfaces to inspect every single file at any time and find out about all the steps that have been taken – around the clock. Of course, reporting tailored to the client’s individual needs also forms an elementary part of our service.

One aspect to which we attach great importance is complete cost transparency vis-à-vis our clients. As a law firm, we are governed by a statutory fee structure – this not only provides protection against overcharging, but also provides legal certainty for all concerned.

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