The liberalisation of the German energy supply market has altered the competitive situation. Statutory regulation makes greater demands of energy companies, on the one hand, while increasing competition requires more flexibility from each individual utility on the other. Never have consumers been able to switch providers as quickly and easily as they can today. Customers are more demanding, switch more often and are also heavily affected by the public debate about costs.

In this situation, KSP helps utility companies to enforce their rights dependably. This comprises an analysis of preceding legal matters, such as claims for access to gas and electricity meters, as well as the collection of receivables from energy supply contracts.

We know how hard it is to win a customer and how easily they can be lost again. This is the perspective we bring to every one of our clients’ cases. Our lawyers examine the cases and enforce your claims using individual strategies. We expect our lawyers not only to have legal expertise, but also a high degree of tact and discretion.

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