Do you want to optimise your earnings? Are you looking for high-performance receivables collection by lawyers that is specially tailored to the telecommunications market?

KSP has worked for many years in the fixed-line market for operators of subscriber and backbone networks, as well as for mobile network operators and service providers.

We have excellent operating and legal knowledge of dealing with receivables from telecommunications contracts. The whole collection process – through to conducting insolvency proceedings – is accompanied by our experienced lawyers. Potential for optimisation and legal vulnerabilities can be identified at an early stage and the appropriate steps taken.

The process focuses not only on optimising the collection of receivables, but also on image and customer relationship aspects. Our respectful approach and personal conversations with customers in arrears help to build trust and retain them as customers or – if so desired – to win them back again. 

KSP can draw on a highly effective operating and technical infrastructure. It is developed continuously and adapted to changes in the legal and operating environment. 

This active collection services by lawyers gives you the chance to generate non-budgeted additional income, which can mitigate or even compensate completely for margin contraction due to competition.

Further information

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