Strategic partnership

HFG Group has been our strategic partner for many years and supports our collection services where permitted by law.


We and HFG will assist you with the sale of receivables. HFG purchases packets of distressed, enforceable receivables. Their services also include the bulk purchase of minor receivables that are not yet immediately enforceable.

Long-term collection

HFG has years of experience in the efficient bulk realisation of non-performing, immediately enforceable receivables. It also takes files that are not available in electronic form and captures the data for its system both manually and by scanning.

Receivables that have been the subject of a final court judgement are archived for up to 30 years and pursued, monitored and recovered using all available technical, organisational and legal means using special recovery strategies. Depending on the financial situation of the individual debtor, it may be possible to agree on a repayment plan for example. HFG permanently monitors that payments are received. The addresses of debtors are tracked and updated regularly.

System of reminders

HFG is your outsourcing partner for implementing a system of reminders, sometimes known as dunning, especially for large volumes.

You send HFG the relevant electronic data on a regular basis. Our partner produces the reminders and final demands for your customers in your name and on your behalf. HFG takes care of the accounting entries for payments received and sends you all the data in electronic form.

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