eCommerce & Retail & Payment market

People want to buy – not pay

That doesn't apply to everyone of course – but based on past experience to 3% of all online or offline shoppers who pay against invoice or by EC card/direct debit.

Whether they are your own customers or customers of your customers – if they don't pay for the products they receive, this has an adverse impact on your key performance indicators.

Merchants in the middle

You are torn between your customers' demands for convenience and usability and your own need for secure sales and income. And of course you have targets for revenue growth, gaining market share and shareholder value.

You want outstanding receivables to be collected successfully and you want to preserve the valuable customer relationship at the same time.

Solution & service

We know all about the management of risk and receivables and will support you with customised, proven ways of working together and with highly specific knowledge of your sector and your processes.

International, independent, analytical – with some 65 lawyers and a total of 500 staff.

Talk to us about face-saving receivables management based on high-performance digital workflows.

Your contact

Michael Sennert
Business Development eCommerce & Retail
Phone: +49 40 450 65 - 968
E-Mail: Michael.Sennert(at)

Dr. Andreas Seegers
Executive Partner
Phone: +49 40 450 65 0
E-Mail: Andreas.Seegers(at)

Further information

But there are even more good reasons for working with KSP. Read about our value proposition here.

We and our skilled lawyers are also pleased to advise you on questions of general business law or litigation in specific cases. Further information can be found here.

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