Commercial tenancy law

The scope offered by legislation for drafting contracts is much wider for commercial lets than for residential properties. Commercial leases have no special protection against eviction, for example. This makes the drafting of contracts for commercial and office space particularly important, because in a worst-case scenario a company’s very existence can be at risk. With KSP, you have a partner at your side with proven expertise in the field of commercial property law.

Our lawyers advise on the following services:

  • Closing, drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts for commercial and office space 
  • General advice on dealing with contracts, including commercial peculiarities such as operating obligations and protection from competition 
  • Rent and utilities 
  • Duration of contract, renewal and termination options 
  • Deposit 
  • Defects and rent reduction 
  • Defending and enforcing contractual rights – particularly injunctions and damages, also at short notice by means of preliminary orders

Rental law

The rental contract for living space establishes a continuing obligation between the tenant and the landlord. The special feature of a continuing obligation is that it is directed towards longer-lasting or repeated performance, thus binding the parties to each other for a long time, possibly for decades. However, the principle of freedom of contract also applies here: the individual is free to decide whether and with whom to conclude a contract and whether to stick to it.

Our lawyers advise on the following services:

  • Conclusion, drafting, negotiation and review of residential tenancy agreements.
  • Security of tenure/deposit
  • Amount of rent, rent increases and operating costs
  • Rent arrears
  • Contract term and renewal options
  • Defects and rent reduction
  • Defence against and enforcement of contractual claims, in particular claims for injunctive relief and damages, also in the form of provisional legal protection by means of interim injunctions
  • Toleration of modernisation measures
  • Termination of the tenancy and options for structuring the tenancy
  • Eviction proceedings

Further information

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