KSP offers smart solutions both for collecting subscription and advertising receivables and for all questions to do with licensing agreements. One particular focus of KSP’s legal advisory work is the enforcement of intellectual property rights in the event of infringements affecting text, graphics and software on the Internet. KSP also advises on all legal aspects of structuring licensing models.

We know how important it is to uphold business relationships. We therefore always strive for an out-of-court solution. Our lawyers begin a dialogue with your customers as soon as possible in order to build trust. They take the social and financial situation of your customers into account, as well as any particular features of the individual contract. This helps to preserve the customer relationship. Extensive analyses help you to assess your cash flow, legal and risk positions and to manage them better.

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We and our skilled lawyers are also pleased to advise you on questions of general business law or litigation in specific cases. Further information can be found here.

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