Labour and service contract law

Continuous economic change and the phases of the business cycle make employment law a challenge for both employers and employees. New legislation in the field of labour law requires permanent vigilance from the partners involved in a contract of employment. In order to address these requirements successfully, we make our expertise in all areas of employment law available to our clients. As a specialised law firm for employment law, KSP can apply its expert knowledge to representing the interests of medium and large companies, directors, senior managers and employees.

Our work focuses on the following areas: 

Individual labour law

  • Signing, terminating, drafting, negotiating and reviewing employment and service contracts and voluntary severance agreements 
  • Action for unfair dismissal 
  • References
  • Employment law advice for start-ups and acquisitions
    • Mergers and significant operating changes, in particular 
  • Warnings and dismissals 
  • Protection of particular groups of individuals, especially mothers and pregnant women, severely disabled and young people 
  • Remuneration
    • Wage and salary payments 
    • Variable remuneration, bonuses, gratuities 
    • Developing models and agreements 
  • Recovery of
    • Employee loans 
    • Advance payments 
    • Gratuities 
    • Professional and vocational training costs 
  • Claims for damages (employee liability, fraud such as credit card fraud with the company credit card, etc.)
  • Company pension plans
  • Unemployment and social security law 
  • Data protection for employees 

Collective labour law

  • Negotiating of work agreements and advising on conciliation procedures, especially drafting settlements of interests and redundancy programmes 
  • Advising on co-determination matters and staff reductions 
  • Advising on restructuring and acquisitions 
  • Collective bargaining 
  • Staff representation and works constitution law 
  • Industrial action

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