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In contrast to other industries, the health care sector is defined by the provision of a personal service to or with the patient. This requires a great deal of diplomacy when collecting receivables, in order to preserve the balance between a good patient relationship and the moderate but successful recovery of your outstanding accounts receivable. Because at the end of the year, a large number of unpaid bills can add up to a considerable amount. Furthermore, this amount hits the bottom line straight away and reduces your company’s profits.

It is therefore particularly important to have an expert at your side who offers intelligent, high-performance solutions, with collection services by lawyers and additional legal advice as needed.

KSP’s work is not limited to a series of standard letters – we actively seek to talk with patients who are in arrears, we answer questions and always aim to reach an out-of-court settlement. Legally sound and successful management can only be achieved by structuring the entire process intelligently and using all modern media, in order to maximise the results while proceeding in a manner that respects the patient and maintains your company’s image.

That is the standard we set ourselves and which you can rely on.

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