Financial services providers

As a provider of financial services, do you see defaults or customer enquiries as just an issue – or are they an opportunity as well? Or are you interested in collecting the highest possible percentage of your debts?

The recovery of non-performing loans is a process with considerable potential. There is great scope for differentiation in terms of results, quality, customer orientation and service. Margin contraction in your operating business due to competition can be mitigated or even recouped by cost-cutting and unforeseen additional income from the recovery of outstanding receivables.

And that is not all: optimised debt management helps to distinguish good risks from bad ones. Good servicing can often also help to turn difficult contractual relationships back into active, paying customers.

With KSP, you can clear up basic legal questions and optimise internal processes, recovery strategies, services, costs and cash flows.

Furthermore, KSP has experience in terms of dealing with insolvencies and what are known as severely delinquent accounts receivable. Therefore, we are a law firm that understands the credit and factoring markets and the special needs and requirements of functional departments.

We know that high demands are made of us as partners in terms of performance, quality, service and results – and that is precisely what we offer!

Further information

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