About us

KSP has been practising civil and commercial law for more than 50 years and specialises in collection services by lawyers, advisory work and litigation relating to general business law. As a law firm, we are independent of commercial groups.

Our aim is to reduce the risk of default for your company substantially. At the same time, our associated legal advice shows clients opportunities for optimising their own processes. This not only safeguards cash flow, but also provides greater visibility and legal certainty. You can concentrate on your core business.

We know how hard it is to win a customer and how easily they can be lost again. For this reason, we expect our nearly 500 employees, including round 60 lawyers, to demonstrate not only legal expertise but also a high degree of diplomacy and discretion.


Over the last 50 years, KSP has become one of the best-known commercial law firms and the market leader for collection services by lawyers in Germany.

1959 Rudolf Kremers is registered as a lawyer and establishes a law firm focused on business law, with offices in Neuer Jungfernstieg 7 in Hamburg.
1975 Dr Christian Seegers joins the firm as a freelance lawyer.
1977 Dr Christian Seegers has become partner. The firm begins its sustained specialisation in collection services by lawyers.
1985 Dr Christoph Frankenheim has become partner.
1994 KSP moves to new offices in Neue Rabenstrasse 5 and opens the first KSP data centre.
1996 KSP is one of the first law firms to be certified for the District Courts’ automated claims enforcement process.
1999 Dr Ludwig Gehrke has become partner.
2003 Dr Oliver Gnielinski has become partner.
2004 KSP is one of the first law firms in Germany to switch completely to digital files.
2009 50 years of KSP:
KSP moves again to a new service centre specially built for the firm at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse 40 – in the heart of the historic Brahmsquartier in central Hamburg.
2010 KSP changes its legal structure and becomes a limited liability law firm – Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH.
2012 Dr Florian Pagenkemper has become partner.
2013 Dr Andreas Seegers has become partner.
2014 Establishment of an interdisciplinary analysis team at KSP as well as consistent sector-oriented orientation of KSP.
2020 Dr Tobias Röhnelt has become partner.
Today Thanks to continuous vocational and professional training for our staff and permanent technical improvements to our systems we are equally well prepared to meet our clients’ future demands.
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