Long-term debt recovery advice

KSP can draw on years of experience to offer intelligent solutions for long-term debt recovery. In this area, KSP works closely with the HFG Group.

We keep an eye on your receivables – whether they are immediately enforceable or not. Here, too, KSP makes use of its extensive expertise to advise you on all aspects of legal handling.

  • If attempts to recover immediately enforceable receivables are not successful, they are passed on to our partner HFG Inkasso GmbH for long-term monitoring.
  • If attempts to recover receivables without a court order are unsuccessful, they are passed on to our partner HFG Inkasso GmbH for long-term recovery if a decision is taken with you or for other reasons not to pursue the matter in court (e.g. customer/debtor’s lack of long-term creditworthiness).

You can find out more about our partner HFG here.

Weitere Informationen

Are you looking for more information? Then please get in touch: langzeitverfolgung@ksp.de

But there are even more good reasons for working with KSP. Read about our value proposition here.

We and our skilled lawyers are also pleased to advise you on questions of general business law or litigation in specific cases. Further information can be found here.

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