Hardly any industry is challenged by regulatory parameters as that of the insurers. It is therefore particularly important to have experts at your side who offer intelligent, compliant solutions, with collection services by lawyers and additional legal advice as needed. They safeguard your cash flow, give you greater visibility and let you concentrate on your core business.

In addition to the special considerations of the insurance industry and the prior development of the customer relationship, we are guided above all by the insurance company’s expectations of how the customer relationship should develop in future. KSP’s range of services also includes the professional management of claims against third parties and defending unjustified claims against the insurer.

Our lawyers begin the dialogue with your customers as early as possible to build trust. In these conversations, we take the history of the customer relationship into account and can factor in the contractual features of every individual case thanks to our excellent IT support. At the same time, we always strive for a low-cost, preferably out-of-court solution. In addition to their industry expertise, you can therefore expect our lawyers to treat your customers with tact and discretion.

We want your customers to see our involvement and our service as a solution to a problem. That is the standard we set ourselves and which you can rely on.

Further information

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We and our skilled lawyers are also pleased to advise you on questions of general business law or litigation in specific cases. Further information can be found here.

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